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Electronic music refers to music that emphasizes the use of electronic musical instruments or electronic music technology as a central aspect of the sound of read more The Prodigy Depeche Mode Massive Attack Moby Björk Radiohead The Chemical Brothers Air Gorillaz Röyksopp Aphex Twin Portishead MGMT Crystal Castles Metal Featured artist Metallica Heavy metal often referred to simply as metal is a subgenre of rock music that developed in the late 1960s and early 1970s With roots read more System of a Down Rammstein Slipknot Iron Maiden metal rock hip hop indie jazz reggae british punk 80s dance acoustic rnb hardcore country blues alternative classical rap country The latest releases Why Am I Like This Play album Orla Gartland 24 May 2019 Sandman Trudy and the Romance 24 May 2019 The Chosen One Destrage 24 May 2019 any attempt to control the environment or the self by means which are either untested or untestable such as charms or spells Slugabed 24 May 2019 Where The Action Is The Waterboys 23 May 2019 My Songs Play album Sting 23 May 2019 Flamagra Play album Flying Lotus 23 May 2019 Rammstein Play album Rammstein 17 May 2019 Persuasion System Play album Com Truise 17 May 2019 Love Starvation Nick Lowe 17 May 2019 Accursed Play album Vale Of Pnath 17 May 2019 LOVE IT ритм Play album Monatik 17 May 2019 I Am Easy To Find Play album The National 16 May 2019 Dedicated Play album Carly Rae Jepsen 16 May 2019 Mistakes Like Fractures Play album Knocked Loose 10 May 2019 Second Wind Play album L 39 indécis 10 May 2019 parachute Play album Parachute 10 May 2019 Eternal Forward Motion Play album Employed To Serve 10 May 2019 Here Comes the Cowboy Play album Mac DeMarco 9 May 2019 Beauty Marks Play album Ciara 9 May 2019 The Long Game Johnathan Rice 9 May 2019 Young Enough Play album Charly Bliss 9 May 2019 Kinship Play album She Keeps Bees 9 May 2019 Chosen TheFatRat 8 May 2019 Life Worth Living Play album Laurel 6 May 2019 Findings Inside Eleanor Arroway 5 May 2019 On The Hill Claes Nilsson 5 May 2019 Seawaves Wonderful Escape 5 May 2019 Babbling Brook Wonderful Escape 5 May 2019 Singing Birds Wonderful Escape 5 May 2019 ...

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